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Galleria360 is a contemporary art gallery situated in the historical center of Florence, a city ​​of art as excellent as its glorious past.

The gallery was born from a shared passion and enthusiasm of the arts from Angela Fagu, for whom Florence and Contemporary Art do not represent two antithetical extremes. Through the works of high-level international artists, they give rise to new dialogues between reflection and criticism, art and thought, and especially art and life. The wide, bright exhibition spaces of the gallery are designed to enhance the artwork, as well as offer visitors, collectors and art lovers unforgettable aesthetic and cultural experiences.

In fact, through careful selection of international artists and their works by a highly qualified staff, Galleria360 intends to bring contemporary art to Florence, a city known as the ancient beating heart of artistic expression. In doing so, the city develops a new dawn of innovative sparks and promotes the development of new trends and artistic expression.

Galleria360 stands out as a reference point for the international avant-garde scene.


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