Souske Onoike

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  • Pittura su seta 41x41 cm (Ognuno) 2
    Pittura su seta 41x41 cm (Ognuno) 2
  • Pittura su seta 41x41 cm (Ognuno)
    Pittura su seta 41x41 cm (Ognuno)
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    Pittura su seta 72,8x72,8 cm (Ognuno) 3
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    Pittura su seta 72,8x72,8 cm
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Souske Onoike Japanese artist, describes the traditional beauty of his country of origin.

For the past few years he is focused on kimono, which is at the center of the scene and expresses the beauty of young virgins.

With a foundation in traditional Japanese painting techniques, he like to add a twist to the works, making them accessible to foreign audiences.

He feel grateful if his audiences are able to feel even a little of the essence of true Japanese beauty in his work.

biography :

1969 Born in Tokyo.Japan

1991 First group Exhibition

1992 Central Museum of Japanese Art Award Exhibition,Selected Tama Competition,Selected

1993 Ueno no mori Art Museum Grand Prize Exhibition,Selected

1995 First solo Exhibition

Since then,many exhibition and works

2000 “Mori no ichiya ~one night of forest ~ ” picture book, publishing

2001 “Kutushitaneko no odayakana habit ~a calm day of socks cat~” picture book, publishing

Recent status

2010 Tokyo · “4th GINZA de ART”

2011 Sydney · Tom Dunne Gallery “Art Collection Sydney 2011”

Tokyo · ART BOX GALLERY “Contemporary Art Exhibition 2011 Art Style”

2012 Seoul(Korea) · KIAF (Korea International Art Fair)

2013 Florence · “International Art Exhibition in Florence”

Osaka(Japan) · “SNIFF OUT 2013”

Florence · “EmozionARTE”

Melbourne(Australia) · “AN Esplosion of Contemporary Japanese Art”

SOUSKE ONOIKE is an artist who with his paintings give us a little bit of glamour and essence of his native earth, Japan. Through a black precise but sinuous sign, female figures of delicate and refined beauty take shape, wrapped in  the traditional kimono.

The feminine fascination power is used not in mischievous or instigating way, but as symbol of a fine and chaste sensuality; of a beauty almost whispered, which we can behold implicitly in little gestures and elegant poses, in the sweet and shy glances,  in the delicacy of the chromatic harmonies.