Founder and Art Director

Angela Fagu has been educated at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence in painting and engraving, achieving maximum profit.

Subsequently she has enriched her artistic experience taking part in numerous exhibitions and art.

Currently Angela Fagu is the owner of a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Florence.
As Art Director is interested in the selection and promotion of international artists, with passion and extreme care, in order to promote the development of the new trends and artistic expressions, as well as create exciting opportunities of confrontation about the current art multilingualism.


The Angela Fagu’s Art, both in pictorial that in engraver field, is characterized by an extraordinary expressive authenticity, combined with a deep taste in the tract and an excellent method of composition. The constructive energy of the graphic sign as well as the firm compositional structure, that holds each figuration, are the result of a careful preparation in the academic area.
The strength of the sign and the decisive plastic-structural definition of the compositions is tempered, however, thanks to a general sensitivity of vision, which is manifested in the delicate chiaroscuro passages in the refined and enveloping atmospheric modulations. The artworks thus maintain an intimate and refined dimension even when the subjects is illustrious as in “Portait of Pietro Annigoni”.
In portraits the artistic language of Angela Fagu seems to express its highest potential, creating images insightful, where the optic truth is interwoven with a subtle but intense psychological dynamism.
Engraving and painting are two means and autonomous languages but in Angela Fagu’s work are able to integrate and overlap themselves in a single vision, where the creative vision is always regulated and harmonized by the delicacy of spirit.


Art Critic

I am a socially active person, curious and a lover of outdoor sports. I have always had a great passion for dance, art and music, which I love not only as a user but also as a performer and composer of pieces on the piano.

My training has always been marked by an interest in humanistic studies, by the choice of a high school with a Classical-European address at the Educandato della SS. Annunziata in Florence, up to the study of Art History at the University of Letters and Philosophy of Florence.

Later I enriched my university education by participating in seminars and cycles of conferences on historical-artistic topics. But undoubtedly it was the possibility of carrying out internships and work experiences in the field of critique and curatorship of exhibitions that enabled me to discover the dynamic and stimulating gallery environment. Not just a place for exhibiting artworks  but a lively world full of ferments, characterized by relationships and exchanges with artists, in a continuous evolution and cultural enrichment.

It is in contact with this reality that I understood the true meaning of the words of Kandinsky, one of my favorite artists with Pontormo:
 The work of art is born of the artist in a mysterious and secret way. From him it gains life and being. Nor is its existence casual and inconsequent, but it has a definite and purposeful strength, alike in its material and spiritual life.”