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“New Art”

Borgo Ognissanti 77/r
5 January
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“Art has never stopped participating in the adventures of humanity, accompanying the evolution of society at every step”

(Michelangelo Pistoletto, “Hominitheism and Demopraxia. Manifesto for a regeneration of society”, 2017)

With these words Michelangelo Pistoletto, main exponent of the artistic movement of “Arte Povera”, effectively summarizes his “artistic creed” and therefore, his idea of art; that is, an art that does not exhaust its function in an aesthetic purpose, but on the contrary, captures and inspires social change. In recent decades the artistic panorama, like a chameleon, has rapidly changed its connotations based on historical, social, political and economic events. In fact, the current condition of the figurative arts is characterized by an extreme fluidity of styles and models, by constant short circuits between present and past, by continuous hybridizations and metamorphoses that undermine traditional aesthetic categories. An artistic universe therefore, where the present is part of a continuously evolving process, in which innovation and revolution are constantly intertwined with social transformation.

“New ART” is therefore an exhibition whose aim is to propose a new artistic statute, a new art; that is, an art that is not just a mere reflection of society; but which on the contrary, is capable of limiting the ego to promote the “us”, to become a tool for raising awareness, inviting spectators to reflect on their own position in the social and humanitarian fabric. Through the artworks on display, art therefore emerges as a privileged vehicle for reflection and action, transforming itself into a powerful tool of social commentary.

The opening reception will take place on Friday 5th  January 2024 from 7.30 pm until 21.00 pm in via Borgo Ognissanti 77r, Florence.
During the vernissage a welcome drink will be offered while Jazz musicians will play live.

Virginia Bazzechi Ganucci Cancellieri


Date: 5 January
Event CategoryExhibitions


Venue Name: Galleria360
Address: Borgo Ognissanti 77/r
Firenze, 50123 Italia

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Phone: +39 0552399570


Organizer Name: Art Director Angela Fagu
Phone: +39 0552399570