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“Christmas Expo”

Borgo Ognissanti 77/r
1 December 2023
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On 28 – 29 – 30 November the gallery will be closed for set-up.


It’s Christmas Eve. If the time when miracles happened has passed, we still have at least one magical day left when anything can happen.” (Jostein Gaarder)

The term Christmas derives from the Latin adjective natalis, and means Christmas, in the sense of “something relating to birth”.
The celebration of Christmas was introduced into the Christian calendar very late, in 354 AD, with the emperor Constantine. In the first centuries, in fact, the twenty-fifth of December was the day on which the winter solstice festival was celebrated in Rome and was linked to the celebrations of the Saturnali. The Saturnali were celebrated between 17th and 23rd December in honor of the god Saturn, god of crops and agriculture. In that period, when it was no longer possible to work in the fields, all Roman citizens, and even slaves, gave themselves a period of well-deserved rest and celebrated the start of the new solar year. During this period, large public and private banquets were organised, friends and relatives were visited and gifts were exchanged: the ancestors of the Christmas baskets.
The Saturnali were linked to the Winter Solstice which, according to the Julian calendar, fell on the twenty-fifth of December. The “Bruma”, as it was called by the Romans, marked the end of the coldest days, which would begin to lengthen again from the following day thanks to the help of the solar deities.

On the occasion of Christmas, Galleria360 organizes a contemporary art exhibition entitled “Christmas expo”. It is a review exhibition in which international artists, through their artworks, weave implicit dialogues that subtly speak to us of that ritual, of the magic of Christmas.That is, they tell us about the mystery of that rebirth that is renewed every year and, which is nothing other than the metaphor of the rediscovery of our deepest interiority and spirituality.

The opening reception of the exhibition will take place on Friday 1st December 2023 from 7.30 pm until 9.00 pm, in via Borgo Ognissanti 77r Florence. Furthermore, during the opening reception a welcome cocktail will be offered while Jazz musicians will play live.


Date: 1 December 2023
Event CategoryExhibitions


Venue Name: Galleria360
Address: Borgo Ognissanti 77/r
Firenze, 50123 Italia

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Phone: +39 0552399570


Organizer Name: Art Director Angela Fagu
Phone: +39 0552399570