Lis Engel

  • "Everything touches everything” Technique: acrylic on linen Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm
  • "The evening love" Technique: oil on canvas Dimensions: 46 x 55 cm
  • "Summer symphony" Technique: oil on linen Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
  • "Flower of light"
    "Flower of light" Technique: acrylic and gold on canvas Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm
  • "Les fleurs"
    "Les fleurs" Technique: acrylic and gold on canvas Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm


I am born on Bornholm , a small Island in Denmark having landscapes that is like The Napoli Bay. I have exhibited my paintings since I was 12 years old, but then took an education as a phd in human movement working as an associate professor, phd in body-mind arts & sciences at the University of Copenhagen. I have studied Art in many places e.g. New York, Paris, London, Firenze and Rome and of course in Denmark. My preferred medium is acrylic, oil, and mixed media e.g. photodrawing, collage and classical and contemporary somatic drawing. I think that Art is about communication of life – not just as information, but as  sharing of experiences of life. My inspiration comes from many sources, always involving nature, but also all kinds of art e.g. litterature, phantasy, poetry and sacred books, music and dance and everyday life. My focus is on processes of transformation.
I work in a space intertwining everyday life with the poetic, the surrealistic, the abstract,  the meditative and the magic and mystery of life.
My preferred theme is  Presence or Entanglement as a door to perception of the invisible in the visible – as a symbol of everything touching everything.



  • ”Capsule Art Collection 3”, today contemporary tendencies curated by Monica Ferrarini & Gangemi editore Via Giulia located in the historical center of Rome.
  • ”Boundless”, 9-17 February, Galleria La Pigna Palazzo Maffei Marescotti-Roma curated by Monica Ferrarini.


  • ”Unseen Reality”  Museo di Villa Paulina – via Macchiavelli 2 – Viareggio(LU) 16 nov-3 dec 2023 curated by Monica Ferrarini
  • ”Breaking Illusion” Borgo Pio Art Gallery , via degli ombrellari 2, Rome  7-13 october curated by Monica Ferrarini
  • “Interspaces: Beyond the tangible”  Galleria la Pigna Palazzo Maffei Marescotti-Roma 26 may-6 june curated by Monica Ferrarini
  • “The Tomorrow of Art” 3-27 November curated by Galleria360, Florence
  • ”Segnalati project” with exhibition “I Segnalati” in Malta 6-23 oct 2023 + represented in art catalogue curated by Effetto Arte Fondazione
  • ”Open Spaces/ Spazi Aperti” Firenze 29.06-20.07, 2023 Art Exhibition in Galleria d´Arte Mentana, centro servizi di Giovanna Adreani
  • ”Adjacent Horizons” Milan nov 24-30 and Florence december 9-30 curated by Galleria d´Arte Mentana, presented in Galleria d´Arte Mentana Firenze,  2023-2024
  • ”Fiera D´Antibes”  8-24 aprile 2023 curated by Galleria d´Arte Mentana centro servizi di Giovanna Adreani

International Art prices and representation in Art Catalogues, Magazines, Books 2023 and 2024:

  • ”Capsule Art Collection 3” curated by Monica Ferrarini 12. April 2024
  • Award 16th September 2023 Theatre of Casino San Remo, International career Art Prize to Lis Engel curated by Effetto Arte Fondazione
  • Represented by Circle Foundation in Spotlight Magazine
  • “Artists of today and tomorrow 4” represented in the Contemporary Art catalogue curated by Monica Ferrarini and Alice Di Piero´s collaboration Gangemi editors
  • Artisti contemporary Art Year Book 2023 9th-11th june at the ximénes Panciatichi Palace in Florence Effetto Arte Fondazione

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