Howard Harris

  • "Pearly Whites" Technique: sublimation on aluminum with acrylic overlay Dimensions: 91,4 x 76,2 cm
  • "Puffer" Technique: sublimation on aluminum Dimensions: 91,4 x 76,2 cm
  • "Trippin" Technique: sublimation on aluminum Dimensions: 76, 2 x 91,4 cm
  • "Pompidou" Technique: sublimation on aluminum with acrylic Dimensions: 91,4 x 76,2 cm
  • "Madonna & Child” Technique: sublimation on aluminum with acrylic Dimensions: 91,4 x 76,2 cm

Howard Harris is an American Techspressionist artist who combines technology and aesthetics to expand the viewer’s experience of photographic art. He explores dimensional photography, influenced by quantum physics, chaos theory, and op art. Blending media, color, and abstraction, his work attempts to recreate the dynamic perceptual experience with all its hidden complexities. In his patented process, the Denver-based artist uses a single, often abstracted, image layered over itself with a subtle grid printed on a clear acrylic surface and superimposed over the base image. The resulting visual phenomenon infuses the image with dimensionality and fluidity. The combined image is affected by such changes as the viewing angle and light. Perceptual mechanics are only part of the equation. Equally essential are universal principles of design that produce qualities we perceive as beauty. The artist says, “In any given moment, what we see reflects both our inner state and a synthesis of outer qualities—light, color, movement, space.”

Harris graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and the Pratt Institute, earning a master’s degree in industrial design. Harris has spent his career negotiating between art and design, creating within others’ parameters, as his desire to create for others often overpowered his desire to create for himself. He now has shifted his motivation to create for himself first. Deeply interested in the principles of design that produce beauty and aesthetics, Harris’s work elevates the art of photography and displays a deep understanding of abstraction.

Accomplishments: Numerous fine art awards from international publications, shows, and institutions, including Circle Arts Foundation, Accademia Italia, ArtTour International Magazine, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, and Contemporary Celebrity Masters Magazine, to mention a few. Harris also holds two United States Patents, is listed in Who’s Who Worldwide Lifetime Achievement, and serves or has served on the Board of Directors for various art-related institutions.

Education: Pratt Institute – Master of Industrial Design, Kansas City Art Institute – Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Missouri – Economics and Computer Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology Sublimation Color Research, University of Utah – Certified Marketing Executive, Northwestern University Certified Graphic Arts Financial Management


Exhibizone by Biafran – “Femina” Woman exhibition – 2023
Galleria360 Arte Contemporanea Firenze – New Art – Firenze Italy – Jan – Feb 2023
Visual Aids – Postcards from The Edge –  New York  – January 2023
Venanzio Crocetti Museum – Medal of Honor Art Winners – Rome – March 2023
Niza Knoll Gallery – Holy Moly – What’s Next? – Denver CO – January 2023
The Espacio Gallery –   Segnalati London – London – December 2022
Associazione Internazionale Galleria “II Collezionista” Via Rasella, Roma – December 2022
Asylum Chapel London – Best Modern and Contemporary Artists London Prize – December 2022
The Espacio Gallery – I Sengalati – London – December 2022
Art Room Gallery – “Green Art Exhibition” – December 2022
Agora Gallery – Exotic Reveries – New York – November 2022
International Prize Paris La tus Arte al Louvre – Paris – 2022
Grimandi Art Gallery – “TECHSPRESSIONISM” Dimensional Fine Art Photography Stepping into Other Dimensions – New York, NY – 2022
MEAM Museum of Barcelona – 4th Bienal De Arte Barcelona – Barcelona Spain – November 2022
Crypto Art Island – Xapo Bank, WISe.Art NFT Auction – Gibraltar – Apr – May 2022
Ass. Galleria il Collezionista – Art One Piece Collection – Rome Italy –  April 2022
Art Room Gallery – “Abstract Art Exhibition” –  March/April 2022
Gallerium Art Exhibitions – Lets Talk About Love –  Feb. – March 2022
Vatican Artists of Fame – At the Vatican Chancellery – Rome Italy – March 2022
Visual Aids Postcards from the Edge Virtual 2022 – January 2022

Publications and Media: 

Circle Arts Foundation – Spotlight Magazine Issue 32 – April 2023
Florence Contemporary Gallery – The 50 Artists to Watch in 2023
World Wide Art Books Current Masters 6 – Select Modern Art – 2023
Circle Foundation – Circle Arts – Artistic Excellence Award – 2023
Art International Contemporary Magazine – Artists To Watch in 2023 – Winter 2023
Contemporary Celebrity Masters – Interview by Salvatore Russo – Vol 1 2023
Contemporary Art Curator Magazine “Voices of Tomorrow” Art Book 2023
Art International Contemporary Magazine Issue #5 International Prize Barcelona September/October 2022 Art Now – Segnalati London 2022
ArtTour International Magazine – Titans Award 2022
Art International Contemporary Magazine Issue #4 July/August 2022
ArtTour International Magazine – Artya Emerald Award – 2022
World of Art Issue 12 Volume 1 – La Biennale di Venezia – 2022
Spotlight Magazine Issue 30 – Circle Foundation – September 2022
Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo Associazione Culturale – Hermes Award – 2022
ArtTour International Magazine – Collectors Choice Award – 2022
Enter into Art – Lounge 2/6 Book Project “Animal Worlds of Art” Konigswinter Germany – 2022
Contemporary Art Curator Magazine – Power of Creativity Art Book – 2022
ARTtour International Magazine Earth Day Issue – 2022
Masters of Today – Top 10 Contemporary Artists – 2022
Circle Foundation Art Ideal V.2 Magazine – April 2022
Contemporary Art Curator Magazine – Power of Creativity Art Book Interview – March 2022
World Wide Art Books – Important World Artists A World of Art – Volume 5 – 2022
Artisti di Oggi e di Domani 2 – Artists of Today and Tomorrow 2 – 2022
ArtTour International Art2Heart Interview – 2022
Circle Foundation Featured Artist –  2022
ARTtour International Magazine Winter Issue – 2022
Top Ten Contemporary Artists Volume 4 – 2022

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