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“Colors of the Soul”

Borgo Ognissanti 77/r
24 May
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Galleria360 is pleased to invite you to the new contemporary art exhibition “Colours of the soul”, an exhibition that through colour, proposes a fascinating exploratory journey inside the soul, or rather into that jungle of emotions that distinguishes human existence. Therefore it’s an exhibition, where color becomes a real emotional as well as expressive language, revealing different moods and personal memories of the artists. In this artistic exhibition take part the international artist Claudia Miatello, Winnie Ks Hui, Midori McCabe, César Martiniano.

Midori McCabe is an artist of Japanese origin who transfers her feelings and the narrative of an entirely internal time onto the pictorial surface. In fact, the chromatic tones advance or retreat on the canvas following the invisible notes of an internal music, while suspended thoughts settle and leave their fleeting trace in the momentum of the pictorial gesture and in the magic of color.

César Martiniano is an abstract painter originally from the island of Terceira. His paintings are characterized by a vibrant chromaticism capable of capturing the epiphany of that particular moment in which nature reveals itself in its kaleidoscopic beauty of lights and colors.

Winnie Ks Hui was born and raised in Hong Kong. Author of suggestive artworks that arise from the original union between ancient traditions and modern sensitivity, Winnie Hui gives life to a thoughtful painting that seeks to grasp the mystery of the universe, its fragile beauty, made of waiting, suspension and perception of fleeting moment.

Claudia Miatello is a Canadian artist with clear and original talent. Through drawings and watercolours, with the mastery of those who know how to stop the story to flood it with emotions, Claudia Miatello accompanies us in atmospheres of light and colour, within an intimate, personal, but also collective story.

Colours of the soul” is therefore an exhibition where the chromatic combinations are constantly intertwined with emotional experience and daily experience, becoming a direct and tangible expression of the most intimate experiences of the self and the spirit.

The inauguration of the “Colours of the soul” exhibition will take place on Friday 24th May 2024 at 7.30 pm in via Borgo Ognissanti 77r, Florence. During the vernissage a welcome drink will be offered while Jazz musicians will play live.

Virginia Bazzechi Ganucci Cancellieri


Date: 24 May
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