Inga Dalsegg

  • The song of my spirit DimensionI- 76 x 51 cm Foto
  • "The love of my life" Tecnica: Foto Dimensioni: 76 x 51 cm
    "The love of my life" Tecnica: Foto Dimensioni: 76 x 51 cm
  • "The rhythm of my soul" Tecnica: Foto Dimensioni: 76 x 51 cm
    "The rhythm of my soul" Tecnica: Foto Dimensioni: 76 x 51 cm
  • "The song of my spirit" Tecnica: Foto Dimensioni: 76 x 51 cm
    "The song of my spirit" Tecnica: Foto Dimensioni: 76 x 51 cm
  • "Untitled" Tecnica: Fotografia Dimensioni-76 x 51 cm
    "Untitled" Tecnica: Fotografia Dimensioni-76 x 51 cm

Inga Dalsegg is controversial both in her artistic expression and as a person.

She is best known for her praised emotional paintings, many of which have hands as the main motif, but she has also figured a fair bit in the Norwegian media due to various art stunts.

She mainly works with oil paintings, but has also received a lot of national attention for her pumpkin carvings, the Norwegian media has referred to her as The Pumpkin Artist on several occasions. Inga has carved pumpkin lanterns on live national TV around Halloween for several years.
The last couple of years she has also worked a lot with parchment and quills, as part of a project where scientists have hired her to work with medieval techniques to help with the recreating of 800-year-old documents. This has also been featured on national tv several times.

When you meet Inga, you realise quickly that she is far from ordinary in any way. She is direct, controversial and eccentric, qualities that characterize her both as a person and as an artist.

The focus of her art is emotions, feelings and atmospheres.
Inga strives to reach the inner world, endeavouring to stir up feelings within a person’s soul. She wants the viewer to dream, to be moved and to enter a world of emotional images.
Dalsegg wants to show the diversity of life’s journey in her pictures. Everything from life’s simple pleasures to the more extreme highs and lows in life. From the fragile birth of life to the wisdom of old age.
Her art is created from a strong desire to explore universal symbolism and to express the beauty of the human experience in all forms.

Inga wants people to look at her art and recognise a feeling or a mood, experience emotions and thoughts through recognition, or just daydream.

As she says herself; “If I am able to evoke a strong emotional experience through my art then I have conveyed something to that viewer, even if the response aroused is different to that I had when I created my picture.”

Through her paintings she expresses emotions, feelings, moods and atmospheres, themes everybody can understand and relate to.

The figures and the corresponding emotions she portrays are timeless. People can relate to them regardless of age, sex, culture or background.

Inga Dalsegg is a member of the Norwegian Visual Artists Association.
She was awarded the Ole Vig-Award for her art in 2005, Rindal Bank’s Motivational Award in 2013, and was the winner of the newspaper Driva’s Name of the Year Award in 2013.

Her paintings have been purchased by several large companies in Norway and England and she has participated in over 80 art exhibitions at home in her native Norway and abroad. She has had her work exhibited in the United States, Brazil, England, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia and Sweden.

Inga was born in Trondheim in 1974. She lived in England for 7 years and moved back to Norway in 2003.
On the 31st October 1996 Inga’s twin sister, Elin, and her best friend, Jin, were brutally shot and killed in the city of Ålesund by a person all three of them knew well, 6 weeks before the twins 22nd birthday. This murder naturally affected not only Inga’s life but also her paintings for an extended period of time after the incident.
As a twin, she felt not only that she had lost a sister; she lost one half of herself that day. The twins were inseparable, and completed each other.
Dalsegg says herself “I can never again be the same Inga as I was before the 31st October 1996. My life is divided into before and after that date. If I had not had my art I do not believe I would be alive today. For a long period of time I felt that I should have died instead of her, but also that I had received a life sentence; To continue living life on my own, – all alone. While the murderer only received a limited prison sentence.
I can never get over what happened – but I have learned to live with it, it is a part of me. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to use my art to help me to live, to move on in my life. ”
Inga had her first solo exhibition in 1998; – it was covered by several of the Norwegian TV-stations, newspapers and magazines.


1996 – 1999  BA (Hons) Fine Art at De Montfort University, Leicester, England

1994 – 1996  Ålesund Kunstskole, Norway

1991 – 1994 Tegning, Form, Farge m/allmenne fag at Kritiansund vgs., Norway

1990 – 1991 Grunnkurs allmenne fag at Surnadal vgs, Norway

MEMBER: NBK (Norwegian Visual Artists Association)


2018 Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
2017 Festival artist at Bygdadagen in Halsa, Norway
2016 Festival artist at the Kibneb-festival 2016, Lensvik, Norway
2015 Gallery Valsøya, Valsøfjord, Norway

2014  AbuArt, Dals Långed, Sweden

2014 Opening of Dalalåven Atelier, Rindal, Norway

2013 Thrane Farm Gallery, Sandnes, Norway
2013 Gallery Hans, Ørland Cultural Centre, arranged by Norwegian Visual Artists Association

2013 Gallery Barbara, Sunndal Art Association, Norway

2013 Snefugl Farm Gallery, during the Winter Cultural Week in Skaun, Norway

2012 Hardanger Cultural Gallery, Norway

2012  Gallery Møllabekken, Vestfossen, Norway

2012 Gallery Midtstuen, Rakkestad Art Association, Norway

2011 Festival Artist at the Norwegian Salmon Festival, Surnadal, Norway

2011 A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, USA

2011 Aukra Art Association, Norway

2011 Pias Café, Trondheim, Norway

2010  Tingvoll Art Association, Norway

2010  Måløy Art Association, Norway

2009 Gallery Maerz Contemporary, Molde, Norway

2009  Festival artist at Gjæra Gjøra Festival 2009, Norway

2009 Gallery Thams, Orkanger, Norway

2008  Festival artist at Tankevekkerviku, Næroset, Norway

2007 Gallery Tuben, Askim, Norway

2007  Stjørdal, Norway, in connection with the Ole Vig-year in 2007

2007  Gallery Barbara, Sunndal, Norway

2006 Artist of the year at Rindal Museum, Norway

2005 Stjørdal in combination with the Ole Vig-Prize Ceremony, Norway

2005 Ørsta Art association,Norway

2004 Tingvoll Brygge, Tingvoll, Norway

2004 Gallery Finstuå, Surnadal Kulturhus, Norway

2003 Festival Artist at Stangvikfestivalen 2003, Norway

2002 Fru Znork, Kristiansund, Norway

2001 Dødeladen, Kristiansund, Norway

2001 Rindal Art association, Norway

2001 Gallery Stallen, Fredrikstad, Norway

2001  Clodion Art Café, Oslo, Norway

2000 DDC, Leicester, England

2000 Gallery Stallen, Fredrikstad, Norway

1999 Gallery K35, Trondheim, Norway

1999 Gallery 83, Ålesund, Norway

1998  Gallery Stallen, Fredrikstad, Norway

1998  Rindal Art association, Norway


2018  Galleria360, Florence, Italy

2017 Salon Art Shopping in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2016 The Coffee Festival, (Festival Vale do café),Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2016 Festival artist at the Norwegian Salmon Festival, Surnadal, Norway
2015 Konstmässan i Göteborg, Sweden
2015 The I Art festival, Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2015 Parallax Art Fair, London, England
2015 BELA biennial, The International Art Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014 Christmas Exhitbition, AbuArt, Dals Långed, Sweden

2014 Gallery Gudem, Norway

2013 Festival Artist at Strandheim Art Festival, Orkanger, Norway

2012 Hov Church, Sunndal Art Association, Norway

2012 Gallery Skjæveland, Jørpeland, Norway

2010-2011 Galleri Impasto, Oslo, Norway

2011 Galleria Art Festival, Mosjøen, Norway

2010 Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway

2010 A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, USA

2010 Asker Cultural House, Norway

2010 art:oslo, Oslo Spektrum, Norway

2009 Gallery Tallulah, Orkanger, Norway

2009 Oslo Art Fair, Norway

2009 Oppdal Cultural house, Norway

2009 with Elling Reitan, Rindal, Norway

2009 Gallery Gabrichidze, Brussels, Belgium

2008 The Tallinn Winter Exhibition, Estonia (juried exhibition)

2008  Galleri Finstuå, Surnadal Cultural house, Norway

2008  The Red Cross Summer Exhibition 2008, Haag, the Netherlands (juried exhibition)

2007 The Brick Lane Gallery, London, England

2006 Gallery Reilo, Brekstad, Norway

2006  Artist at The Storås Festival 2006, Norway

2004  Gallery Barbara, Sunndal, Norway

2000  Karen Taylor Contemporary Art Gallery, Twickenham, England

2000  Bluebell Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

1999  Galleri Tilrem 108-2, Brønnøysund, Norway

1999 De Montfort University Final Year Exhibition, Leicester, England

1999 Art in the Square, Leicester, England

1999 Silver Arcade, Leicester, England

1998  The Orange Tree, Leicester, England

1996 Final Year Exhibition in Ålesund Kunstforening, Norway


2013 Portait for memorial for Hagbard Berner at Sunndalsøra

2009-2010 Wall painting covering 2 walls in a Sauna in Bergesvika Cabins
2009 Large oil painting in the foyer of Svorka Energy, created in cooperation with the architect
2009 Painting in foyer of Rindal City Hall
2007 A 60m² large wall painting outside at Gåsvand Property


Winner of Driva’s Name of the Year Award 2013
Winner of Rindal Bank’s Motivational Award 2013

Had the painting Fear auctioned off by Christie’s 22nd October 2008

Winner of the art prize “Ole Vig-Prize” for 2005

Received a cultural grant from Rindal Bank in connection with the banks 125th anniversary in1998


Norway: El-Watch AS, The Norwegian Humanist Association, Orkdal Energy, Gåsvand Property, Ålesund and Sula Electricity Board, Statkraft Power company, Triangel, Svorka Energy, Rindal Council, Rindal Art Association, Rindal Sparebank, Rindal Museum, Nordmøre College, Surnadal College, Surnadal Sparebank, Surnadal Council, Trollheimen Industries, Norwegian District Youth Assosiation, Hotel Central, Gallery Stallen, Tingvoll Brygge Hotel, El-Co electrics, Todalen Sports Club, U8, Navigator Advertising Company, Assessit AS, Stillashuset AS, Rindal Nursing Home, Molde Hospital, Rindals-Tre, T-Komponent, Bravino Wine Importers, TS-Forum, Vibo, Halsa School, Sunndal Art Association, Design by Marte Helgetun and private art collectors.

England: Sakhi Soliciors, The British Red Cross, The Dover Castle Bar, That Healing Feeling, Wicked