• "Heart 04" Technique: Japanese calligraphy on rice paper Dimensions: 113 x 85 cm
  • "Freedom 05" Technique: Japanese calligraphy on rice paper Dimensions: 88 x 53 cm
  • "Be true 02" Technique: Japanese calligraphy on rice paper Dimensions: 87 x 51 cm

ART of Sho – Hiroshi Wada

“Sho” for which I aim is not what is known as traditional Japanese “sho”, but a modern “sho” that matches any scene in the world. Moreover, it is not avant-garde calligraphy, formative art with Indian ink, but it is more legible and comprehensible with containing the aforementioned elements.
Other calligraphers use the technique of writing after a model,rinsho,which they have learned and write so-called calligraphers’ characters. On the other hand, in my case, I try to once forget what I have learned so far and start with a clean slate to write characters like a child who writes characters innocently. Even so, the lines of characters should be such lines as only a proficient calligrapher can draw and the characters should be avant-garde but readable. This is the calligraphy I wish to achieve.
I write characters and each character has a meaning. I would like people to see my works with the meaning of each character in mind. I hope my works will make you feel relaxed, inspired, think of peace, or feel something.
1967 Born in Iizuka city, Fukuoka and raised in Kyoto
1972 Started learning calligraphy at the age of 5
1989 Graduated from Kindai University
1997 Started to study under Ryosetsu IMAI
Started creative process with a focus on exhibitions
2011,2012,2014 Won prizes in the Nitten Exhibition (sponsored by the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition)
2017 Withdrew from all the organizations in order to exhibit own works to the world.
2019 Participated Art Expo New York.
2019 Held a solo exhibition at Agora gallery, Chelsea New York.
Worked as a judge at the Nihon Shogei-in Exhibition (Japan Calligraphic Art Society), a former member of Sessinkai and a former member of Kyoto sho-sakka-kyokai (a calligrapher association in Kyoto).
Today he represents H.W. ART CLUB.

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