Anna K

  • "Rebound" Technique: acrylic on linen Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm
  • "Mind and Heart" Technique: acrylic on linen Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm
  • "Inner Joy" Technique: acrylic on linen Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
  • "DNA Upgrade" Technique: acrylic on linen Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
  • "Blossom" Technique: acrylic on linen Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm

About: I am Katja van den Bogaert and I am a self taught abstract artist based in Giessenburg the Netherlands. My education is rooted in creativity.
I studied at the dance academy in which I worked for several years.
In the time a worked for KlM and later on owned a tea company I travelled a lot and slowly became more interested in meditation and creativity again. I began to paint and this all together cultivated in Anna K Art. The movement and color is now visible in the artwork. To me creating art is a way of being. My first exhibition was in New York City.
It is through painting that I share my soul with the world and continue to invent my story with passion by painting.

Artist statement: I am deeply drawn to exploring the relationship between the seen and the unseen. I believe my inner world and outer reality are connected, that we create our reality. As such my paintings are a reflection of my personal journey. In my art studio, I work intuitively on painting adding, layering and blending. Until the seen and the unseen harmonize with my spirit and resonate with my soul.
Art remains as a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas. It has the possibility of changing one thoughts, create other feeling and expand to new ideas. Just one new idea can change a person’s perception.

“What is the rhythm of your hearth, come as you are, be as you wish, feel it now. Be kind, be happy, trust, detach, create and thrive.
What is the rhythm of YOUR hearth?”

Technique: The material I use is a linen canvas. I work with acrylic paint and start a la prima, with a brush, roller or sponge to build layers. I love to create a thick, raw base. I repeat this until it has reached an interesting diversity of texture, colour and form. A medium flat brush is used to create stripes in several directions so that the painting does not look flat but that it gets a depth which triggered the eyes in different directions. A bigger hake brush is used to finalize the last layers of waves. I react on what is happening on the canvas.
The colours are very important to me. I start with a set of colours, in the making I decide which colour is needed. I love to work with bright colours, that looks fresh, energised and sparkling.
Colours, using different materials and organic forms and structures are the essentials for my artwork.
The abstract painting allows my carefree spirit the freedom to create acting on impulse driven by instinct. How I feel is important to create a good energy and allow the process organically.
I desire to create paintings that engages the viewer and triggers a sensory response and strong emotion. Artwork that seems to come to life and almost becoming their own life form. If you look longer and see and feel, it is a layered story. A world that lies deep beyond the surface of my paintings. I prefer when it pleasures the eyes, resonates with the people and really fits the environment.

Heartbeat: The first inspiration for the artwork is nature, my environment and water. In the Netherlands where I live, we have our backyard at the river. Nature is all around us and the beauty, and sometimes rawness is the start for creating. Depending on the season, the water can be wavy, calm or fun. The wind can make it energetic and gives a lot of beautiful moments. Rain creates a lot of textures and forms. When it is sunny, people are swimming, playing and using their boats for pleasure. It all gives a diversity of energy.
I like to make deeper connection to the theme. To me water is a very healing element. What refers to unity and new society, operating more and more through the heart. What makes you heart beating?
The highest and most beautiful form of the element water is a human being with universal love and is more and more conscious and comes from wisdom. Spontaneous like a child trusting, flowing, creating not controlled by the thinking mind.
To create, respect others and follow your own heartbeat.

I am deeply drawn to exploring the relationship between the seen and the unseen. I believe my inner world and outer reality are connected.
My paintings are a reflection of my journey. In my studio in the Netherlands, surrounded by nature, I work intuitively. While adding, layering, drawing and blending until the seen and unseen harmonize with my spirit and resonate with my soul.
My creative process is not inhibited by my conscious thought. I follow my heart and create paintings that engage my viewers, and hope to elevate their vibration. If you look longer, see and feel. There is a layered story within my compositions. A world that lies diep beyond the surface.

To me painting is a sacred communion of emotional spiritual and physical presence, serving as a bridge that connects me at a greater level of consciousness.

Anna K.

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