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“New Art”

8 January 2021 - 1 February 2021
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“Art is not a thing of numbers and compasses: it is subject to passions, prejudices, the vogue of the day, the influence of some small extrinsic and material circumstances, and two human needs, which apparently contradict each other: need to be amazed by the novelty and the need to rest in the usual way. ” (Camillo Boito)

Galleria360 is pleased to welcome the new year by offering an unprecedented selection of contemporary works of art with the “New Art” exhibition. An artistic symposium, therefore, from which it is possible to admire a great variety of addresses and styles, resulting from the inexhaustible reservoir of creativity and sensitivity of foreign artists.
In compliance with the regulations imposed by the current health emergency, the inauguration will take place behind closed doors and will be visible live on Instagram on Friday 8 January 2021 at 19.00.
Each artwork is characterized by an apparently objectified space and time, represented by its hic et nunc, by its concrete substance. But at the same time it leads us to an “elsewhere”, full of hiding places and mutant, as a space where deep emotions are reflected. In fact each artistic creation is a metamorphic place, capable of regenerating itself at “every glance”, by virtue of that emotional circuit that is established between the artwork, the author and the observer. In other words, the artistic work will always appear different in the eyes of the spectator, who lives a renewed experience in every glance, drawing new meanings from it.
Just like a pebble thrown on the surface of the water that generates short circular waves in sequence, stimulating the surrounding space; thus the artworks become mutant mirrors of the artist and of ourselves capable of activating an infinite chain of reactions, sensations and connections that are different each time, thus giving life to an ever new art.
“New Art” is therefore an artistic exhibition that, combining art and life, invites the public to have an intimate and direct encounter with the work of art, to participate directly in its creation and therefore to modify the result itself at every glance.
Virginia Bazzechi Ganucci Cancellieri


Start: 8 January 2021
End: 1 February 2021
Event CategoryExhibitions


Organizer Name: Art Director Angela Fagu
Phone: +39 0552399570