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“Lost in Art”

11 October 2019 - 4 November 2019
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“Magic is a bridge that allows you to move from the visible to the invisible world. And learn the lessons of both worlds. “(Paulo Coelho)
The Galleria360 is pleased to announce the inaugural event of a new artistic exhibition entitled “Lost in Art” that to be held on Friday 11th October 2019 at 7.00 pm in Via il Prato 11r Florence. During the evening a welcome cocktail will also be offered while jazz musicians will play live.
Originally, artworks were an inseparable part of a ritual context, first magical and then religious. Their authority and authenticity, their aura, was determined precisely by this belonging to the world of worship. In prehistoric societies, art was then considered a real “magical practice” and its purpose was to make the hunt favorable. The cave paintings found in the Lascaux and Altamira caves are in fact the depictions of prey to be captured. Therefore, the artist-shaman put his magic power at the service of the community, materializing through art what still does not exist, that is, propitiating the real appearance and capture of animals.
Even today art, in its ability to make visible what is not visible, to transcribe those invisible motions that govern the soul and the world, constitutes a sort of magical practice with a strong fascination power. in fact the artworks, through the aesthetic beauty or the sense of sublime, are able to provoke in the observer a sort of catharsis, a spell: that of freeing us from pain and boredom by taking away from the infinite chain of needs and concerns .Art gladdens us, lightens us, soothing the heaviness of life, as it stimulates our feeling. Aesthetic consolation, creating a sort of magical Apollonian illusion, allows the tragic disorder of life to manifest its Dionysian substance without annihilating the individual: this is the cathartic function of art, which therefore does not explain the meaning of life and pain , but on the contrary gives them meaning. The protagonists of “Lost in Art” exhibition are the international artists:

HEIDI CURKO, is a teacher and professional artist. Her signic art is the result of a very personal lexicon that combines energy, subconscious and abstract imagery with the fluidity of improvisation. Curko’s art with great evocative power, the result of a gestural automatism capable of expressing the emotion in its becoming.
JUDITH STONE, is an American artist whose exhibited artworks are the result of an original research, rich in critical ideas on the topic of construction sites and in particular on machinery. Cranes, booms, backhoes and ropes invested Stone’s works with transversal connotations and acquire, thanks to particular compositional cuts, a “monumental” incumbency.
MARIA MISSELBROOK, born in Lausanne from an Italian mother and a German father, is a contemporary painter. The artist’s double cultural roots constitute a sort of karstic spring that constantly nourishes and renews her painting; this gives rise to a creative alphabet where the analytical rigor of experimentation and the emotion of an individual subjectivity alternate, contrast and balance each other, always governed by an aesthetic principle.
FERIDUN IŞIMAN, is a painter from Cyprus, whose artistic research involve a distinctive dialogue between form and color. In his paintings, the background and the prospective plans are intertwined creating a space detached from the reality that hosts slender and expressionistically deformed figures. He is an esteemed artist on the international scene and his artworks are part of various private and public collections in different countries.

“Lost in Art” is an artistic exhibition that teaches us to look beyond the materiality of our mere existence, to overcome the ordinary by showing us, through the thaumaturgical power of art, new horizons of meaning and hope.


Start: 11 October 2019
End: 4 November 2019
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