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“Christmas Expo”

Borgo Ognissanti 77/r
2 December 2022 - 2 January 2023

“To give, to receive, to reciprocate” are the three characteristics that the anthropologist Marcel Mauss in “Essai sur le don” identifies as fundamental and mandatory characteristics of gift’s concept in the primitives communities he studied.

The gift is obligatory sociality, it’s not a disinterested practice: it builds, enhances and preserves social and economics relations. But beyond the effects that we can notice on the modern Homo oeconomicus, and therefore to all conditions related to exclusively commercial and material relationships, it can be seen how the gift can have a decisive influence in what is the development of relationships of trust and bonds, which are born from the sacrifice of time in the moment of the “to reciprocate”. In reciprocating we create, weave a net of relations and relationships, we define our social identity.

But if the act of giving can be defined as an unconscious attitude of openness towards the other, how can we define what we passively receive every day from the external factors with which we interact? Constantly we receive and we don’t realize it: while running after the times of life we take for granted the light and the warmth of the sun on the coldest days; the voice of the city that resonates in the street composed by noises and relationships, caos and silences, that contextualize the fraction of individual that we are in that specific moment. Moments of existence that the artists enclose in the canvases and in the material, but that at the same time they release, to donate concepts that result from the most personal relationships and the exchanges experienced. The reflections on what it’s given and what it’s received in the works of the artists become expressions of color and shape, where the space and time dedicated to it are transformed into a  pause in order to immortalize and enhance with their art the external stimuli and interpersonal which feeds their creative soul. Art constantly gives itself to us as the most intimate means of communication, we receive it if we really know how to listen, but do we know how to reciprocate?

The Galleria360 with the exhibition “Christmas Expo” invites to an active and participatory reflection on this question. The inauguration will take place on Friday 2 December 2022 at 7.30 pm in Borgo Ognissanti 77/R, Florence. Accompanying in this research will be the jazz notes of musicians who will play live during the vernissage, combined with a welcome drink.

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Francesca Sarpano


Start: 2 December
End: 2 January 2023
Event CategoryExhibitions


Venue Name: Galleria360
Address: Borgo Ognissanti 77/r
Firenze, 50123 Italia

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Phone: +39 0552399570


Organizer Name: Art Director Angela Fagu
Phone: +39 0552399570