Feridun Işıman

  • "Girl with Flowers" Technique: oil on canvas Dimensions: 50 x 71 cm
  • "Life" Technique: oil on canvas Dimensions: 100 x 120 cm
  • "Voices" Technique: acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
  • "What is life" Technique: acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm
  • "Gate to the Future" Technique: oil on canvas Dimensions: 70 x 91 cm

Feridun Işıman was born in Küçük Kaymaklı in 9th February 1949. He is second son of a Turkish Cypriot family with seven children. In his childhood he did clay sculpture with his father Hasan Işıman, Venus figures and small scale of “Catherina Cornaro” the Venetian Princess of Cyprus. At the elementary school he was already known with his talent in sculpturing, painting and music, as he was taking violin lessons. At the age of 9 he start to use oil color on wood board he copied an Italian Lithoprint reproduction using oil color.
This work of Feridun is the oldest painting saved from the war in 1963.
He did large size copies in color and black ink of Leonardo da Vinci, Degas, Monet, Osman Hamdi and other artists from the age 10 to 14. His main subjects were landscapes, social activities of crowded people and mainly human figures. Feridun already made up his mind to become an artist and art teacher from his childhood.
In 1963 with the war in Cyprus, Feridun and his family was taken as war prisoner with people from his village. All his childhood paintings, drawings and his birth home was burned.  In 1965 he joined voluntarily to the army at he age of 16. Beside army service he was studying in Turkish Boys Lycée. 1969 he had a Scholarship for Art Education at the Gazi Faculty of Secondary Education Teachers and Faculty of Pedagogy Department of Arts and Hand Crafts and 1972 he was Graduated from (Turan Erol Atelier) in Ankara (Turkey).
1972 – 1974 he painted portraits at his (Gallery NOVA) near Küçük Kaymaklı (Cyprus).
In 1974 – 75 lived in Finland and worked in Graphic Arts, Stage Design and he painted many portraits in oils.
In 1975 he returned back to Cyprus.
1975 – 1995 he taught Art and Art History at Güzelyurt Kurtuluş Lycee and College. 1987 married to Mathematic Lecturer Dervişe Işıman. For the BRT Radio Television of T.R.N.C. He wrote and introduced his 16 series of educational Art Programme titeled “Colours and Lines”. 

Solo exhibitions:

2014 – XVIII – “LONG WALK” Antalya Archeology Museum (TURKEY) 

2009 – XVII – “REFLECTIONS” Gallery Artést, Paris (FRANCE)
2009 – XVI- “SECMELER SELECTIONS” Art Studio 110 Art Gallery, Nicosia T.R.N.C. 2008 – XV – “Solo Exhibition” European University of LEFKE, T.R.N.C.
2006 – XIV – “20 Paintings” National Gallery, Mala Stanica, Skopje Rep of MACEDONIA
2006 – XIII – Art Studio 110, Differences II and New Ones, Lefkosa, T.R.N.C. 
2005 – XII – A.C.C. Hall, Lefkoşa – Differences, T.R.N.C 
2003 – XI – Culture and Information Center Skopje, Republic of MACEDONIA. 
2003 – X- (GAU) Kyrenia, T.R.N.C.
2000 – IX – (M.A.G.), Famagusta T.R.N.C. 
2000 – VIII – (A.C.C.), Nicosia T.R.N.C.
1999 – VII – (GAU), Kyrenia T.R.N.C.
1996 – VI – H.P Gallery, Nicosia T.R.N.C.
1994 – V – (IUA) Hall, Kyrenia T.R.N.C 
1990 – IV – A.C.C.Hall, Nicosia T.R.N.C 
1986 – III – A.C.C.Hall, Nicosia T.R.N.C. 
1982 – II – ROB Gallery, Amsterdam (HOLLAND)
1982 – I – Gov. Symphony Orchestra and Choir Hall, Nicosia T.R.N.C

Group exhibitions:
From 1971 to 2023 Işıman participated in hundrets of mix exhibitions in many different cities of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, South Cyprus, Turkey, USA, Turkey, Holland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria,North Macedonia, Lithuania, France, Japan, India, Germany, Romania, Korea, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina Egypt, England, Italy, Egypt several times.

1. March 2023 – ARTAnkara International Art Fair, Ankara (Turkey)
2. March 2022 – ARTAnkara International Art Fair, Ankara (Turkey)
3. January 2021– GALLERİA360 “NEW  ART”, Florence (Italy)
4. March 2020 – ARTAnkara Interational Art Fair, Akara (Turkey)
5. 2020 – GALLERİA360 – Milano International Art Fair, Milan (Italy)
6. 28 January 2019  Amritsar The Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar (INDIA)
7. Feb 2019 – International Exhibition, Apeejay College of Fine Arts Jalandhar, (INDIA)
8. 25 April 2019 – Memory of I.V.Güney, NEU University, Nicosia (Northern CYPRUS)
9. 9 June 2019 – International Mix Art Exhibition of Pogradec (ALBANIA)
10.14 June 2019 – International Mix Art Exhibition of Gorj Festival, Targu Jiu (Romania)

Private collections:
His paintings are in, Italy, Finland, Germany, Holland, Korea, Kosovo, Japan, Austria, Lithuania, Egypt, India, Bulgaria, France, North Macedonia, England, Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Canada, Cyprus and in USA. private collections.

International art colonies:
From 1998 to 2023 Işıman has been represented his country International Art Symposiums and Art Colonies every year at many countries from USA to Korea.

2007: Honorary Member of Vardar Lions Club, Skopje Rep.of Macedonia.
2006: Lions Club of Vardar, Skopje Macedonia (Certificate of Appreciation for his Art Exhibition at National Art Gallery) SKOPJE, MACEDONIA.
11.11.2003: Honorary Citizenship Award of the Republic of Macedonia.
05.07.2003: Honorary Award of the city of Kicevo with Denis BOWEN and Ljupcho MALENKOV, Kiçevo, Macedonia.
1996: Culture and Art Prize of Turkish Bank (Lefkoşa) T.R.N.C. 
1992 – 1993 -1995: 8th – 9th -10 National Painting and Sculpture Exhib. (First Prize), Lefkoşa, TRNC) 
1975: Best Painting Prize, Nicosia, T.R.N.C. 
1973: Honorable Mantion, Nicosia, T.R.N.C.


1- “T.T.T THEATRE Museum”, Tampere, Finland
2 – City of Denizli Art Museum of Municipality, Denizli Pamukkale, Türkiye 
3 – Bald Head Island Art Museum, North Carolina, USA 
4 – “BRANCUSI Art Museum”, Targu Jiu, Romania
5 – Ministery of Culture Museum, Cairo, Egypt

1970 – Işıman has been working as a professional musician, sang with his band 4 albums and later he released 2 solo Cd of his own. Nowadays he write lyrics composing songs and sing his own songs. 1987- represented T.R.N.C. at Mediterranean Song Contest in Antalya, Turkey. 1993 – International Song Contest Istanbul 93`as solo singer. 2000 – Released his first solo CD album, own music & lyrics “I Didnt tell a lie”. 2005 – released his single CD. “At the border”. 2015 – Second solo CD released “Let there be a day”.

Working as teacher – Lecturer:
1975 – 1995; Teaching Art and Handcrafts, Art History at Kurtulush Lycee and College
1997- 2000; Worked in GAU College as Art and Art History teacher.
2001 – 2006; Lecturer on Graphic Design and Art History in GAU University
2005 – 2011; Lecturer at Architecture Dept. of Lefke European University. T.R.N.C.
2009 – 2012; Lecturer of Fine Arts and Graphic Design Facultee of Near East University.
2012 – 2014; Researches of Roman Sculpture “ Art of Michelangelo – Florence – Rome, (Italy). 

2015: Jury Member at Bosnia Herzegovina, TUZLA city INTERBIFEB,Tuzla International Portraid Biennial.
2015: Jury Member at Turkish Bank, “Children painting competition”
2015: Curator and Organizer of European University of Lefke, İnternational Artists Meeting, T.R.N.C.
2016 – 2019: ART Studio110 Curator and Director of Int. Art Colony – Lefke Yeşilırmak, T.R.N.C.
2016: ART STUDİO 110, has been founded by Dervişe and Feridun Işıman.
2016: Prof. Meliha Yılmaz & Prof. Meltem Demirci Katırancı Exhibition, Lefkoşa T.R.N.C.
2016: GAZİ University International Education Symposium he gave seminar, Turkey.