Cordelia Doll

  • "Blaue Lagune" Technique: Acrylic collage on canvas Dimensions: 130 x 130 cm
  • "Vaterland" Technique: Acrylic collage on canvas Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm
  • "South Sea Atoll" Technique: Acrylic collage on canvas Dimensions: 120 x 100 cm
  • "Vulkan" Technique: Acrylic collage on canvas Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm

Cordelia Doll

Curriculum Vitae

I, Cordelia Doll, grew up in a creative family athmosphere in the Westfalia region of Germany. Professional obligations led me to Bavaria early in life. The vibrant regional art scene made me intensify my interest in the arts. By courses and self-taught special painting techniques my artistic spectre was enhanced and intensified. Art trips to Austria, Italy and Southern France widened my sense of perception. Professional challenges led to an interruption of my artistic productivity. After working as dental technician and director of a dental laborary once again since 2001 I have been able to turn my attention to the arts. Presently I work as a freelance artist developing my particular style in creating and refining three-dimensional sculptural images on canvas.

Artist´s Statement

My works are characterized by an intensive plasticity and a relief-like appearance of the image bases. They playfully reunite and recompose anew a multitude of various elements. A pronounced, haptic three-dimensionality arises on the picture surface. Well-known objects and shapes are removed from their original context and function. They become fundamental forms of new abstract and imaginative interpretations as well as individual artistic symbols. An intensive colorization emphasizes additional features and unites the variety of natural elements to superior topics. Nature itself in its never ending abundance of beauty and esthetics lays the groundwork for my abstracting art worlds.

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