GALLERIA360 Contemporary art gallery Florence

Show: Group exhibition “EX-Stasi"

Organizers: Arch. Riccardo Piagentini, Art. Angela Director Fagu

Opening Show: Friday, 9th Octobert 2015 at 19:00

Duration Show: 9th Octobert 2015 – 3th November 2015

Location: Galleria360 Via il Prato 11R Florence



Tel. +39 0552399570

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00, on Monday from 15:00 to 19:00

Free entry


"Art shakes off the dust accumulated in the soul during the life of every day." (Pablo Picasso)


The Galleria360 in October renews its exhibition halls organizing a new artistic kermesse, entitled "Ex-Stasis”, which will be attended by renowned foreign artists of the international scene. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 9th Friday October 2015 at 19:00 in Via Il Prato 11r Florence.

During the vernissage it’ll be offered a welcome cocktail while jazz musicians’ll play live also.


The term ex-stasis, derives from the greek (ex "out of" stasis "stability"), which literally means "out of place". The ecstasy then indicates a "kidnapping beside himself" material and spiritual, but it implies also a reconciliation between spirit and mind. So, “Ex-stasis" is an exhibition where the thought renounces to any claim to objectivity by surrounding to an emotional dynamism that leads to a trip "outside the self," on the thin boundary line between the visible and the invisible, between material and immaterial between what is and what may take one form.


The group exhibition is capable of causing into the observer continuous explosions of "sensory input", perceptuale strangements, arousing the mind and spirit from the torpor and emotional stasis, igniting the senses.

During the vernissage it will be possible to appreciate artworks that don’t seek avant-garde adventures, but that join the object to the emotion with extreme simplicity and purity of mind; artworks where perceptions and lived traces expand themselves on the canvas with fresh spontaneity or even paintings where the reduction of formal quality does not lead to a self-referential and meta-linguistic speech, but to a tribute to the life and purity of childhood.

Heterogeneous proposals, capable of arousing not only simple feelings, but also emotions so deep as to produce a total sense of rapture, a loss of sensory abilities: that is of causing a real "sensory ecstasy.”


Virginia Bazzechi Ganucci Cancellieri

Video of the inaugural evening



Galleria360 Contemporary art Gallery Via il Prato 11r Florence - Italy - Ph.: +39 055 2399570 - mail: - P.IVA: 06263310481

Galleria360 Contemporary art Gallery Via il Prato 11r Florence - Italy

Ph.: +39 055 2399570 - mail: - P.IVA: 06263310481

Galleria360 Galleria d'arte contemporanea

 Via il Prato 11r Firenze  Ph.: +39 055 2399570

mail: | P.IVA: 06263310481