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Show: Group exhibition “Colors of the soul”

Organizers: Arch. Riccardo Piagentini, Art.Director Angela Fagu

Opening Show:  Friday 10th November 2017 at 19:00

Duration Show: 10th November – 4th December 2017

Location: Galleria360 Via il Prato 11R Florence

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Colors of the soul:


Artists: Kayo Sato | Lawrence R. Armstrong | Pedro Alberti

Emi Osada | Veronika Wifvesson

"Life is a huge canvas: it overthrows all the colors you can"

(Danny Kaye)


In November, Galleria360 organizes a new exhibition titled "Colors of the soul". This is a group exhibition of contemporary art that offers the opportunity to appreciate suggestive artworks in which international artists reflect their emotions, perceptions and ideas. Artistic works where artists express their inner world and love for life through vibrant colors and delicate chromatic nuances.


The opening will take place on 10th Friday of November 2017 at 19:00 in Via Il Prato 11r Florence. During the vernissage it’ll be offered a welcome cocktail while jazz musicians will play live.


In the exhibition "Colors of the soul" international artists confront each other with the use and experience of the color, giving life through their artworks to multiple narratives where different chromatic shades  are related to memory, emotion and spirituality. In fact, since antiquity artists have been the first to perceive color not only as a purely optical phenomenon, but also psychic and symbolic fact. Remember, for example, the ancient glass painters that, through the use of suggestive colors, created a mystical and supernatural atmosphere within the great medieval cathedrals. Biblical narratives, embellished with the painful beauty of chromatic colors, favored the meditation and spiritual elevation of the faithful. Whoever found himself in the Cathedral of Chartres at sunset, will never forget the "celestial" beauty of that extreme instant in which the sun's rays, before dying to the west, inflame in a single grandiose chromatic accordion the glass walls of the great central rosette.


Later, in the nineteenth century and then in the twentieth century, the Positivist faith led to a total trust in science, according to which "everything could be reproduced in the lab", even colors.

The artists of the exhibition "Colors of the soul", instead, scatter the preconceptions of a dominant objectivity, trying to return the most subjective side of color, the emotional one. These are artistic creations where color becomes a real emotional and expressive language, revealing emotions and personal memories of artists.


"Colors of the soul" is an exhibition where the chromatic combinations are constantly intertwined with affective and daily experience, becoming a direct and tangible expression of the most intimate experiences of the ego and the spirit; an exhibition where the spirituality of light is constantly combined with the explosive rhythm of contrasts and coloristic harmonies.


Virginia Bazzechi Ganucci Cancellieri


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Galleria360 Contemporary art Gallery Via il Prato 11r Florence - Italy - Ph.: +39 055 2399570 - mail: - P.IVA: 06263310481

Galleria360 Contemporary art Gallery Via il Prato 11r Florence - Italy

Ph.: +39 055 2399570 - mail: - P.IVA: 06263310481

Galleria360 Galleria d'arte contemporanea

 Via il Prato 11r Firenze  Ph.: +39 055 2399570

mail: | P.IVA: 06263310481